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Monday, June 8, 2009

Magnet #472 -

Hells, yeah. I totally made an incredibly dorky, but (for me) oh, so loveable magnet of my masthead. What? Like you weren't expecting it at some point down the line.

At the urging of quite a few people, I went ahead and made them. Feels like it was something kitschy that needed to be done.

I figured that since I bought the domain, I needed something to celebrate. Plus, oddly, it feels like I needed something to hand out whenever I mention this silly blog. Of course, now I'll actually have to pass them out, I suppose.

So, yay. And, yes, I'm totally sending them around to friends and family, at some point, no worries. Heh.
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Erika said...

Please tell me it's not the size of your Erik Estrada magnet.

joy said...

They're business-card sized. Though, now I'm contemplated one giant one for me.

Vicki said...

I was hoping it was at least poster sized. Impact!

cc said...

I dig it. Though I thought it'd be at least as wide as a fridge door!

joy said...

Why's everyone think I went insane with a giant magnet? Heh. Just think, though, I could fit all 473 magnets on the collage with a giant magnet. IJS.

Peter Pope said...

Rock that out, yo! But... there's no check box for "Bitchin'".

joy said...

Heh. Thanks. Actually, one of my blogger friends got one of her friends to figure out how to add more checked blocks. But, I couldn't follow the code, so I gave up. Heh.