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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meek bears, the lot

Magnet #468 - Meek Bears, Shakespeare

So, yeah, I thought I could make it happy month of magnets...

Sorry. Needed something quick because people are a little crazy-making. (It's true, they are.)

And, this was in my handy-dandy photobucket cache of magnet images. (Really, who actually has a cache of images of their own magnets. C'mon.)

And bonus, I'm a little of this mind right now.

From Timon's yelly speech at his not-so-friendly-after-all friends in Shakespeare's Timon of Athens:
Most smiling, smooth, detested parasites,
Courteous destroyers, affable wolves, meek bears,
You fools of fortune, trencher‐friends, time's flies,
Cap‐and‐knee slaves, vapours, and minute‐jacks!

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Kevinpars said...

Do you have one for "Exit Pursued by a bear" the famous Winter's Tail stage direction?? You could make it Bear Month instead.

joy said...

Hahahaah - you know what's funny? It would not be hard at all to do a Bear Month. Heh.

The Geek said...

I'm hoping a Bear Month would include a blue and orange Chicago football magnet??

Moving away for good in 36 hours. Gotta get my Chi-town city pride in now, quick!