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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NOW you tell me? NOW? Really?

Magnet #481 - Angry Little Asian Girl

So, here's my thing...I'm so very sad that Angry Little Girls doesn't produce magnets, especially because they have such darn cool stuff in their little shop.

That's why I made this one, along with several others from a postcard that they put out at the Licensing Show last year. I love these guys. But I would totally give up my homemade magnets for officially licensed products in a heartbeat. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, you've seen most of the magnets by now, but I saved this one for something that's just made me an angry little Asian girl!!!! And, it's totally irrational, I know. It is. I admit it.

Apparently, the breaking news in the entertainment world today (through Twitter and BBC-A...even though I always rely on blogger critic Televisionary for my hard news), BBC America has announced their official line-up for ComicCon in July. Freakin' Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Euros Lyn, John Barrowman and Ten, himself, David Tennant, will be there. In San Diego. In California. In the United States. In July.

Mind you...I've already seen Euros at New York's CC. I've even seen John Barrowman, albeit almost 20 years ago during his turn at Sunset Boulevard. And, I don't really need to see the affable RTD in person...and Julie's delightful enough on the DWCs.

But let's be honest, folks. I'm the girl who joined the RSC to get a Hamlet ticket, and then planned a whole unplanned London trip to see David Tennant. And then didn't get to see him.

And now I'm missing him at ComicCon. In San Diego. In California. In the United States. In July.

The show's been sold out for ages, which is probably why they waited until now to announce it. I'm sure it's not some conspiracy that BBC has to block me from ever seeing David. (Kinda like what the bears have?)

And anyway (sourgrapes, anyone?) I've never really wanted to go to SD for CC, because I can barely take the crowds over at Javits. But really, I should have known that that this would be the year to go, I mean, it's the 40th ComicCon, and goodness knows, the BBC's been trying to get every last drop of work from David Tennant's soul before he leaves Ten for what's theoretically good. And, after so many years as the Doctor, I'm thinking he kinda owes U.S. fans a CC appearance...before he starts doing them at the end of his career. (Was that mean?)

Gah. Oh well. Yet another missed opportunity for my Doctor and me. I'll wave at his plane as he flies over me.

No worries. He'll eventually do Broadway. He must. Maybe he and my Lee Mead will do a show together. But he's another magnet entirely.
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jen said...

I'm veryveryvery sad we can't see David. Tho. I won't lie to you: There are probably ways to get around the whole "not having passes" thing.

Vicki said...

This is a bummer. I wholeheartedly endorse your theory that the BBC is trying to keep you apart. It probably started because we asked too many questions on that damned tour. Maybe he'll stop in NYC after ComicCon. How can he be in the states and not go to NY to see some theater?