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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paging George Kaplan

Magnet #491 - North by Northwest

I bought this one from that magnet vendor down at Union Square. How cool is this magnet!

I mean, it's the epitome of cool with awesome Cary Grant on it. I'm actually watching North by Northwest right now, as I type. TCM's running a daylong Hitchcock marathon. Yay for TCM marathons!

This one's never been one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. I always lean toward the obvious Vertigo and Rear Window. But, as I'm rewatching it, I'm finding myself looking at it with new eyes.

I just did a tour of The Plaza, and that's where Roger Thornhill was abducted. I just went to the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition at the Guggenheim, and though the house at the end wasn't a FLW house, it was certainly done in his style. And on and the end, I do find myself liking this movie even more.

Funnily enough, I've had the magnet a few months now, and only when I started to take a picture of it today did I notice there was a fifth head up on Mount Rushmore! Hahahahaa. That Hitch, he's a nut.
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The Geek said...

I ADORE North By Northwest. This and Rear Window are my favorite Hitchcocks. Although whenever anyone ever asks what my favorite is, I always answer with, "Charade. It's Audrey, it's Cary, it's Walter... it's the best Hitchcock movie Hitchcock never made."

joy said...

Oh, see, that's where we part ways...I'm soooo not a Charade fan. I can't help it - when they're on the screen, all I can see is the age difference! Heh.