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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And then there was barbeque

Magnet #802 - Cowboy on Ice

Ya'll, I want to see Cowboys on Ice. No, there's not a production going on anywhere, I just think it'd be awesome to see cowboys on ice.

Yesterday, to escape the crowds at Reliant Center, we went with a media rep and our clients out to the Reliant Arena for lunch.

First, let's talk about how OTC is *so* big that they're basically in two giant buildings, and an outside display area, and there's still a waiting list of tons of exhibitors out there who want to.

Second, let's talk about how it was literally a 15-minute ride to circle the lots to actually get to the giant Reliant Arena.

Third, let's talk about how, OMG, for whatever reason? They had the best beef BBQ known. to. man. Like, OMG, I think I might be going back today, just to have it one last time. I mean, I come from the land of pork BBQ. And let's face it, NY may think it knows it's brisket, but geewillikers that was seriously the best meal ever.

Or, I was just hungry.

But, I'll go with the former.
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