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Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST in Hawaii

Magnet #821 - Hawaii dolphins

A friend of mine bought this magnet for me, probably knowing that I'll likely never visit our 50th state if I can help it.

On the flip side, LOST has managed utilize Hawaii's natural beauty, and it's the one reason I would actually consider visiting Hawaii. To see the majestic views...and pretty much take every official and unofficial LOST tour available.

Oh, I know I sound nuts to never want to visit paradise.

But, even if my people come from islands, I have big issues with them. They scare me. They're surrounded by water. They're too far away from help. And like, what if something happens, how will you get away?

Come on, haven't the last six years of LOST taught you nothing?
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G said...

Shhhhhh. No one tell Joy about anhattan-May being an island-ay.

julie said...

did jen and i ever tell you about the girl on the metro who refused to say the last "i" on hawaii? WHAT A FREAK. she was like, i like to say hawai. i don't like the e ending.

also, i have no urge to visit hawaii either. UNLESS it's guaranteed to be like the seavers' trip... but i'd settle for the tanners'.

joy said...

I know Manhattan's an island, but in a pinch, I'm thinking I could swim to the mainland. Of course, I also think if anything happened here, that I could walk down to NC, picking up my sisters in DC along the way.

And, Julie, you're talking to the girl who purposes says awe-ry, thanks.

I'd like my Hawaii vacation to be more like the Bradys. Their lost island icon was way cooler.

G said...


joy said...

Yeah. I once mispronounced awry as awe-ry. The girls called me on it, and still do, to this day. So, now, I just like to say awe-ry.

And, same goes for idot, versus idiot.