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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Me against the world

Magnet #799 - Me at Cliff Walk

So many years ago, my friend Lynn and I did a weekend girls trip to Rhode Island. I don't even remember why, and I feel like it wasn't gonna be a weekend trip, just a day trip, and we ended up having to call her fiance to let him know we were spending the night. (Odd what you the J'ai Alai neon-lighted signs. Really? J'ai Alai? Who were we? I wasn't even a Mad Man at the time!)

We ended up doing a couple of mansion tours - if you haven't gone, you should totally go. Everyone should see the Breakers...and yes, I have a separate magnet for that.

But, along the water, they have this Cliff Walk, a 3.5 mile recreational trail. Now, ya'll know I hate nature. Ya'll know I hate hiking. Shoot, ya'll even know how much I hate the beach.

But, this trail? This hike? LOVE. Seriously the coolest thing ever. No particular reason, except that it's just you and the waves crashing against the rocks.

Lynn just happened to take this photo of me, right at this moment, and quite simply I love it. It's why I had a magnet made of it. It's a metastatement that just speaks volumes to me.

It's me against the world. Depending on how I feel, sometimes the world's winning. And every so often, I am.

So today, just for my birthday, let's all pretend that the tide's turned my way, and I'm winning.

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Kevinpars said...

Happy Birthday!!

Vicki said...

I am losing my mind. Kev was like it's Joy's birthday and I was all, no her birthday is May 1st!!! It is sad that my brain is gone:) Happy Birthday! And the cliff walk is really amazing and so is this photo! Strawberry cupcakes are in your future my dear. See you soon!

Erika said...

No wonder you were searching madly for that Monet...Happy Birthday!

julie said...

happy birthday! i think it's funny you have magnets of yourself. makes me think jen should have stickers of herself to put on all of her things.

anyway, happy birthday!!!

ps, i cant see some of the writings (the reactions and post a comment) with this new color scheme. am i blind?

joy said...

Thanks very much, everyone!

Yeah, jb3, there's text all awe-ry in the latest edition of the blog. At some point I'll actually fix it...or grav to a new layout. Finally.