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Friday, May 7, 2010

The rain in Bali

Magnet #805a & 805b - Balinese Couple

Love these! My friend just got back from an Asia tour of Singapore, Bali and Cambodia and brought these back for me. Very cool.

It reminds me of my former chairman - the one who took his wife on an around-the-world honeymoon, getting married in almost every port of call. They started with a ceremony on a beach in Malibu, then did something in Rome at the Vatican, and then in Bali.

So Bali hadn't had rain in something like 3 months, and they were just desperate for it. So, for the Balinese wedding ceremony, the natives did some sort of rain ceremony as well - and the next day - it rained! After like 3 months! So apparently, they were the local heroes...I prefer to think that it was a total marriage blessing from on high. Awesome.

Of course, then he came back, and had his wedding pictures as his screensaver in the office...which would be ok normally, but really, have ya'll ever had to see your own boss in a sari and a crown of leaves and assorted foliage?

Yeah. That's what I'm sayin'.
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