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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ride 'em, cowboy

Magnet #801 - Texas

Whoa. Offshore Technology Conference at the Reliant Center in Houston. That sucker's huge!

In the end, it's much like any other trade show, except you know, this one's a little overshadowed by the catastrophic events in the Gulf of Mexico - which I would totally blog on, if I actually had an oil magnet, and oh, if this were something like HuffPost or Daily Beast. But, I don't, and it's not, so I won't.

Anyway, we spent much of the day wandering the supercool booths and equipment around the floor, taking a look at what the industry as a whole was spotlighting, grabbing their collateral materials and scarfing their cute pens. They say the show's the largest in the entire US - doubtful, given that there's CES and shoot, even Comic-Con SD. But, still, it's a lot of walking over at the Reliant Center. So much.

But ya'll know how I travel and somehow miss the biggest things around? Here's one Yesterday, I realized that the last time I was here, I totally missed the sad, big old decrepit building right beside the shiny other ones at the Reliant. The last time I was there was with a client - for the hot boys at the Houston Rodeo, and an Enrique Iglesias concert. Fun stuff.

Yet, somehow I missed seeing the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Astrodome. I mean, sure, there was a whole carnival in front of the building and it was nighttime, and well, there were cute boys in chaps.

Hmmm. On second thought...I guess I could see that.
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