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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Electric blue

Magnet #800 - Little blue car

Ok, ok, it's a white car here. But, honestly, you think I'd have learned from previous experience...

Every time I rent a car, I like to see if I can smile real pretty and charm the rental agent into giving me a pretty, pretty blue rental car. What? I love blue!

Sometimes it works, and you get a gorgeous navy blue Blazer (I think), whom you name Bertha.

Sometimes it doesn't, and you get a big ole honkin' electric blue car, whom you name Debbie, because of the song Out of the Blue.

And sometimes you don't know what you get, except the same electric blue colored car (yet another Corolla - I swear, Hertz is out to get me) that you can see from space. Oddly I haven't named her...though, ironically, I am traveling with a chick named Debbie.

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