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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm still standing

Magnet #107 - Top of the Rock, November 1946

So, Top of the Rock, Part Two.

Yeah, true to form, I couldn't make up my mind which historical image I wanted, and just went ahead and bought both.

Which is fine, because there are a just few other reasons to visit Top of the Rock.
  • The somewhat interesting timeline of the Rockefellers and the building, wallpapering the walls of the waiting line.
  • The really interesting introduction video that everyone else ignores when they blow through the waiting line.
  • The always interesting and fun psychedelic lightshow during the elevator ride up and down.
  • The weird Target light experience room. But don't get me started on the fact that Target is a corporate sponsor of 30 Rock. Target, which doesn't have an actual store in Manhattan. (Bah!)
  • The fact that Swarovski, as another corporate sponsor, has supposedly hidden several tiny crystal figurines in the glasswork walls at the top. And, I've seen only 2 or 3 of them. Security likes to shoo you around, making it superhard to stare at every crevice along the wall. Of course, people look at you crazy when you start staring at every crevice along the wall, so maybe security's a good thing.
  • The Swarovski crystal chandelier-esque recreation of an upside-down 30 Rock in the lobby.
Well, there's more but you'll have to come play tourist to find out.

Today, we played NYC tourists - always a fun thing to do. The Snapple Big Apple BBQ Festival is this weekend, so in the 90-plus-degree weather, we waited in line for some good old-fashioned BBQ sandwiches topped with proper, proper coleslaw. Yum!

Then, we did the Met, to see the Superheroes Fashion exhibit. Some of the fashions were a little weird, but it was pretty interesting. Plus, it gave me a giggle thinking what George Clooney thought when he saw the Batman section. Because for sure, he said two things: 1) I'm so glad I didn't kill the franchise with my crappy Batman movie. 2) Christian Bale's Batman costume from The Dark Knight is WAY better than mine!

I'm telling ya'll. NYC - best town in the world. Thirteen years running, and I still haven't run out of things to do here.

Incidentally. In less than a week, I've managed to acquire a dozen new magnets. Five from Asia, four from NY, one from West Virginia, and one other one that I can't remember. At this rate, my magnet mission of never running out of magnets will definitely be fulfilled. Heh.
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