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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet me tonight in Atlantic City

Magnet #125 - Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ

Today in 1870, they opened the first section of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. That stretch of beach developed pretty rapidly, with luxurious hotels, retail shops and fine restaurants and other attractions, making AC the coolest thing on the eastern seaboard - a turn-of-the-century playground for the rich and famous.

Now, that same boardwalk is still there - the hotels, shops and restaurants have all come and gone and come again, and people still make their way to AC with the sole purpose of having fun.

Well, that, and to win their fortune at the slots, I suppose. Of course, AC is trying to make itself a little more family friendly, but to me, it just feels a little seedier now, and when compared to Vegas, it seems to give off an air of desperation.

What's funny is that the last time we went, I made my sister traipse up and down the boardwalk, following the trail that Danny Ocean followed inside the Trump casino, buying saltwater taffy, visiting the mall with the requisite (and a little sad) water fountain show. After that, I took her off the boardwalk, and over to the Borgata.

It was like watching a heavenly chorus of angels, the way she lit up at the happy place that IS the Borgata. Why? Well, for starters, it's the sister hotel to my beloved Vegas Bellagio. And, the majority, if not all, of the glasswork is done by my beloved Chihuly. And, honestly? It just feels nicer than anything on the boardwalk.

Well, at least until their slots eats all your money.
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jen said...

Why do you have to be so darn expensive, Borgata. We could stay in your pretty pretty hotel...

julie said...

the borgata is the only reason i want to go back to AC. you can't go into the bally's and trump and think that it's cool (i mean, it's not), but especially after going to the borgata! i heart the borgata and would happily live a life in AC if i could stay in the borgata. even if they don't let me win at slots.

joy said...

Really. You could live in Atlantic City? In the Borgata?


jen said...

Julie could be the Sam equivalent in Las Vegas. All entertaining the whales. Does that make Gordon her Casey? Heh.