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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The prodigals return - GAR Day #17

Magnet #100 - I Heart NY

So, after a long drive from Montana back down to Salt Lake, we were to fly home to New York (and North Carolina) today, the end of a superlong trip.

After 17 days on the road, I was planning to take Monday off, just to recuperate from the trip. I probably would have just gotten into bed, and not left it until Tuesday morning. Oiy - I'm tired just thinking about it.

It was a lovely trip, and superfun trying to find magnets in my collection for joy magnetism to take the original Great American Roadtrip. And, I managed, too - with only a slight cheat here and there. Thanks for coming along with me!

Ironically, this magnet was the only one that I went out and specifically bought for this GAR series. Despite living here for 13 years, I didn't have a real I Heart NY magnet.

Anyway, this is doubly fitting, since I just saw Sex and the City on Saturday, and New York was truly a fifth major character in the film. Well, you know, what I saw of it through the tears and tears and tears. I'm not normally a big movie sobber, but I seriously was Sobby McSobberson for this flick. And, believe you me, I wasn't even a huge SatC fan to begin with!

But, whether you thought it was awesome or not, it seems that most women seem to be having the same reaction to this movie - which is, leaving the movie theatre, desperate to call and reconnect with every single close girlfriend you've had over the years.

Luckily, I just spent the last 17 days with two of them - thinking about it, it probably would have been great fun to end the trip with a midnight showing somewhere in Montana. If anything, had the trip gone insane and we with it, SatC would have sorted us right back out again.

GAR Track of the Day: New York, New York
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Erika said...

*sniff* I'm sad it's over already!

Anonymous said...

What a great trip - I can't wait to do it for real!

joy said...

Wait. We did just take the trip for real. There's proof on the way to your house for your wife's birthday.


The Geek said...

Yes, yes, I know the trip wasn't real but I figured since you were speaking so literally about your trip and the details of what you wanted to do, I'd welcome you home in similar "let's-pretend" fashion. :-)

And I'm responding to your comment here because I'm not too sure how much you check my blog and wanted you to know I'm not a delusional crazy person or anything. Just to clear that up. But I'll go ahead and put quotation marks around "roadtrip" in my post!