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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Old Man River

Magnet #117 - Time magazine, Life on the Mississippi River

We've been hearing a lot about the flooding in the Midwest, and each day, as the waters flow south, towns are doing their damndest to keep the levees from breaking.

It's kinda scary that towns are being evac'd, and major bridges are being closed, and the worst of it still has to make its way down to the Gulf.

I've nothing to wax poetic about, so I'll stop here, and offer up this Charity Navigator blogpost instead.

Oh. And I have not a clue where this magnet came from. Knowing me, I probably lifted it from some media goody bag along the way.
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1 comment:

jen said...

Aww, I like that magnet. I remember reading that whole issue cover to cover when it came out. It was fascinating!