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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Doctor, our dads, and a couple of loose screws

Magnet #121 - Doctor Who - Ten

Ok. So I've seen a few Doctor Who articles/interviews where David Tennant says that he's not very handy with the practical stuff, like putting up shelves, or fixing the plumbing, and the like. And it always gives me a bit of a point-and-laugh giggle, because he's 37, and he should be able to wield a power tool by this time, without having to call his dad to come do it.

(Hey, get your mind out of the gutter. I mean, literally - a power drill or even a non-sonic screwdriver.)

So, it was with a great sense of gleeful pride, that I, myself, (in my own mid-30s), bought my first power tool just yesterday - a Ryobi 18v power drill. (insert Tim Taylor/Home Improvement growl here) It's pretty! And blue!

And, okayfine, so I asked my dad to put up one of my magnet boards this morning. But, I decided to let him drive home to NC, leaving me to put my DVD shelving all by my do-it-yourself self. I mean, really - how hard could it possibly be.

Doot-de-dooooo....a few hours later...

This is what I get for making fun of David Tennant, I suppose.

David, since my dad is on his way home, if you could pack up your dad and ship him over to my place, to put up these stupid IKEA shelves, that would be fabulous. Please and thank you.

Right now, there are eight semidrilled holes in the wall, a few mollies sticking out here and there, a drillbit or three sitting on a tray, and about six packages of loose screws of varying sizes sitting over there in the corner.

And, I don't think the funny sounds coming from the wall bode well. I'm just sayin'.
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Erika said...

What the heck did you do???

jen said...

Ruh-roh! Sorry for you, guy....

The Geek said...

Oh dear... I wish you luck in salvaging the DIY shelving project.

And you get bonus points for the Home Improvement/Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor references. Very nice. :-)

joy said...

Hahaha - just as I posted this blogpost, two of my many (many) boy cousins called to say they were on their way to visit the city.


They hung up my shelves, so YAY, for DVD shelving!!!

And, apparently, I'm more like Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor than I thought - I had the power drill in reverse. Which is why the holes weren't getting drilled.

Sigh. I knew I was a girl, but not *this* much of a girl.

julie said...

hahahah... first of all, when describing a drill, i don't think the producers of said drill wanted "it's pretty." ha. also, if you just read the directions, you should be fine putting up your shelves. and make sure you're not in reverse. seriously, joy... did our father teach you nothing?? :)

you need a gordon, for real, though.