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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not even a fair-weather fan

Magnet #116 - Atlanta Braves

I'm not a huge baseball fan - my allegiances toward the Yankees or Mets (or any sports team, really) tend to sway with either the guy I'm dating, or how cute the roster is. Even so, having lived in NYC since '95, I know this magnet's sacrilege around these parts, as is the ballcap that I own.

I picked this magnet up at Turner Field in Atlanta. My sister and I took the tour, something we like to do whenever we're in a major city with a major sporting venue. Backstage tours are fun, we've discussed this. And, it's a pretty good one, complete with going up to the press box, and the dugouts and the bullpens and even the cool Coke-sponsored little area up top.

So, that's how I've come to own a Braves magnet.

And the ballcap? Well, it was on sale for like $6, my last name starts with an A, and goshdarnit, when you find a ballcap that looks cute on you, you buy that sucker.
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jen said...

I loves my Braves hat, no matter what Julie and Gordon say! It looks cute on me too!

Kevinpars said...

The Braves are having a tough stretch the last few years after winning all those divisions in a row.

Oh well, I guess nothing lasts forever... not even George and Sarah.

joy said...

Awwww. If it helps, I wasn't trying to poke at the Braves at all!

I randomly selected it, I swear! Haven't even a clue what the standings are right now.

The Geek said...

Ooh, wanna talk angry sports fans? Try being the one and only Colts fan (wearing a Manning jersey) in a Chicago bar for the 2007 Superbowl.

I literally had food thrown at me and had to have an escort every time I needed to go to the bathroom.

But it was totally worth it when we won. :-)


joy said...

That's awesome, GG.

That's exactly how it was with my Dook sweatshirt my freshman year at Carolina.

The boys totally took it and burned it on Franklin Street the day we won the championship. Heh.