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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is our moment. This is our time.

Magnet #103 - Mount Vernon

Those who know me know that I'm not a political person - at all. But, this election has (at least) kept me somewhat engaged, and for once, no one's talking about just getting out the vote. Hopefully the momentum keeps up, and come November, we'll see how those votes go.

I thought a magnet of the home of George Washington might be just the ticket today.

I visited Mount Vernon before they built the two new facilities - the Orientation Center, and the Museum and Education Center - so I'm very anxious to go back. Mainly because as we've discussed, I'm a presidential fan, and I have a crush on Alexander Hamilton. Do. Not. Ask.

Anyway, the friend who bought this magnet for me is a true GW much so that when he actually wrote a letter to their president - in 18th-century English. So charmed was that president that he invited my friend to one of their glitzy fundraising events, and my friend was able to roam free around much of building.

He didn't, however, get to go on that superduperawesome National Treasure exhibit that they're staging - it's an hour-long tour of where they filmed National Treasure 2, where they go in-depth about the basement rooms, and behind-the-scenes of the film. Methinks they probably concentrate more on the history aspect, but methinks I don't care. I'm soooo taking that tour.

Hmmmm, I wonder if they have magnets. With like Bruce Greenwood on them. Yeah, I'd buy that.
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1 comment:

julie said...

i think it's weird you have a thing for alexander hamilton. seriously?

come to dc and let's go to MV! i like the new stuff... makes the trip actually worth it. though i guess because MV didn't have that cool stuff before is the reason we discovered the FLW house!