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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I believe in the church of baseball

Magnet #212 - New York Yankees

I admitted a while ago that my baseball allegiances tend to depend on the boy I'm dating. Or, really - what tickets I have for that night.

That doesn't stop me from loving games at both Yankees Stadium or Shea Stadium. Neither are very pretty on the outside, but there's something truly awesome about sitting somewhere in the cheering stands on a warm summer night, with the bright lights and beautiful green grass...and cuteboys in uniform running around the diamond.

Now, we're getting a new Yankee Stadium and Mets Stadium, right next to the old ones.

Tonight (unless the Yankees make it to the playoffs) marks the last game to be played in current stadium. They're opening it six hours early so that fans can say good-bye, and the local newsfolks are already interviewing cuteboys in pinstripe suits - no, no, actual pinstripe suits - on their feelings today.

Big day for the Bomber fans as they say good-bye to the House that Ruth Built.
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The Geek said...

My baseball allegiance is similarly schizophrenic: I grew up a Giants fan by family connections, but lived nearer the Oakland As stadium and went to more of their games... But right now, how can one live walking distance (relative term--I like long walks) from Wrigley Field and not be a Cubs fan? At that point it really stops being about baseball and starts being about self preservation and personal safety.

julie said...

oh baseball... how i miss it!!! i can't believe it's the end of yankees stadium. at least i got to see a game there.

anyway, so many baseball references... did you get them all from baseball movies? by the way, i don't know what boys are thinking the natural is NOT the best baseball movie! i still think bull durham is... or field of dreams.

joy said...

Mine is definitely Bull Durham. Hands down.

Of course, I'm still one for For the Love of the Game. I KNOW it was stupid. I don't care.

And, GG, growing up, I fancied myself a Cubs fan...that's who my uncle and I would watch when he taught me the basics. Then I went to college, and everyone there was a Braves fan.

Well, let's not go there.

Cameron McEwan said...

My first baseball game ever (I've only been to two) was the Yankess at home to the Mets.

Great atmosphere and a fantastic introduction to the game. I don't own any Yankee fridge magnets but I do have a pin badge!

joy said...

Ooooh, subway series games are always superfun to go to, Cam!

Man, for those games, talk about divided loyalties - I always have to root for the home team at that point.