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Friday, September 12, 2008

Burn with me

Magnet #203 - Beware of Female Spies

I must remember to stop myself from buying additional magnets when I re-visit places. This one's from the International Spy Museum that I've mentioned a couple of times before...and I think there's still another magnet somewhere on the wall over there.

But, this one's a good one - the Coen Brothers and George Clooney (yes, yes, and others) deliver the last of their so-called idiot trilogy, Burn After Reading, which opens today. Go. See. It. Usually, I take a half day, or a day to go see his movies on opening day. But, like a dummy, I scheduled too many meetings. Bah. Anyway. Go. See. It.

So, I've had plenty of chances to stalk Clooney - here, in LA, and even in NC. I've been in the room with him, but didn't tackle him. And I'd never actively seek him out, which makes me just about the worst stalker - ever. But.

Last fall, my colleague over the wall from me at work received a call from her nanny...who ran into George on 78th and Broadway. No. I mean, literally - she bumped right into him. When I found out that my friend had the exact location of the shoot (Ruby Foo's on Broadway and 79th), I quickly shut down for the day, packed my bags, and literally high-tailed it uptown.

Dudes. I've never done that before - for anyone. But it was just too good to pass up!

So, I get out of the subway stop...and it's exactly like in the movies. All the trailers. All the catering. All the mechanical and prop trucks. All the cast and crew. All those orange construction cones and PAs with Madonnaphones.

Poof! Gone.

Seriously. All they had left in their wake was a few sheets of paper drifting in the wind. So sad. I've never actually seen a production break down so damn quick. It was like everyone had left me behind. Dang.

So, yeah. Burn After Reading.

Go. See. It.
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The Geek said...

I will, I will! GEEZ, you're demanding. :-)

And I award another 5 points for the Who reference in the post title.

joy said...

And I give you five points for actually getting the DW reference!

julie said...

seriously? when were you in the same room with him? also... you really are a bad stalker. :)

joy said...

Julie, you knew I've been in the same room with him. I tell everyone about the moment he and I shared at the W, for his September 11th fund press conference several years ago.

Sure, we had the entire press corps in between, but whatevs, man. That was a moment to remember.