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Thursday, September 18, 2008

So...what now?

Magnet #209 - National Constitution Center just have to wonder what the good ole boys were doing the day after they signed the Constitution?

Did they all get straight to work building our nation?

Did they all take a very important vote on goodness knows what?

Did they all make up a supersecret handshake?

Did they all finally go home to their wives and families?

Did they all vote on Senior Class Superlatives, like Most Congenial and Most Gregarious and Most Contentious?

Did they all just go home to sleep for days?

More important, were they all hung over after the partying?

Ok, so additional magnets from various places allow for silly magnetposts. Good to know. The original National Constitution Center magnetpost.
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jen said...

Hahahaha. I suppose it was like the day after Christmas. They all just sat around the fire dozing and thinking: Well, what should we do *now*?

The Geek said...

My little sister pondered the other day about this very topic. "In today's world, the day before a holiday is always stressful, you're making plans, you're organizing, you're wrapping presents, you're cleaning the house... The day OF the holiday is fun AND stressful, and the day after is always kind of a let down, where you laze around, contentedly digesting everything you ate, and still kind of glowing from your day off. But back when important days were happening for the first time, I bet they were all excited and proud of what they were about to do the day before, stressed and busy the day of, and the day after, they all huddled around, thinking, 'Oh God, what have we done? We're gonna get shot, we're TOTALLY gonna get shot...'"

joy said...

Hahaha, I never thought about it, but you guys are right.

I love the we're TOTALLY gonna get shot. I always forget that our founding fathers were committing treason against the crown.