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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, Minnie, you're so fine

Magnet #221 - Minnie Mouse

Blogging from the sunshiney state of Florida tonight.

From Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club.

No. I don't play golf.

Yes. It's weird, I know.

Go with it.

Down here on client business, and so far it's been a fun 24 hours. Yay, Tampa!

Minnie was the closest thing I have to Tampa...but no worries, I'm totally hitting the airport shops tomorrow. I like a little shop.

I just realized. I came to Tampa. But I never saw Tampa. And now I'm leaving. Huh.

BTW, found a supercute Tampa magnet. Whu-hoo! Doesn't have my name on it, though. That's kind of annoying.
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Erika said...

You had lots of souvenirs from Orlando, not just Minnie. Admit it.

joy said...

Yes, yes, I do. But it made me giggle to use Oh, Minnie, you're so fine, rather than Oh, Mickey, you're so fine.