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Monday, September 1, 2008

The sound of a little night music...but not in Cassone

Magnet #192 - Gustav Klimt's Church in Cassone

Country #3 - Austria

Austrian Gustav Klimt was one of the big Vienna Art Nouveau painters back in the day. Apparently, he was also obsessed with painting the female art form...and my magnet of his Church in Cassone seems to be one of the few famous ones without a chick in it. And that's all I got. Except that I've not seen this piece...I think it belongs to a private collection.

Our visit to Austria seems to have been awfully short...I remember only Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Innsbruck is one of the few Olympic sites I've been to - the Bergiesel Ski Jump bowl was just amazing. We performed at their congresshouse, if I'm not mistaken, and we visited the Imperial Palace, and I think saw the Golden Roof, one of the iconic sites of the town.

Salzburg, I dimly remember waiting in a lonnnnnng line to visit the Mozart birthplace/museum, and seeing some of the sites from The Sound of Music...which is apparently so controversial a topic, they couldn't keep the "Visit Salzburg" site from sounding slightly caustic when talking about the movie.

Oiy. More and more am I feeling this trip was wasted on my youth. Argh - my adult self is wishing my high-school self had paid a lot more what we did, and committed a lot more to memory to what we saw. What I wouldn't give to repeat this trip all over again...minus the boy, but plus a better researched itinerary.
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