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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Who"se castle is this?

Magnet #191 - Martha Jones, in Germany

Oddest thing ever...watching Daleks speaking German, as Martha Jones did in Journey's End episode the last series of Doctor Who, when she went to that totally random German castle to help Osterhagen the world.

What? I said I'd have to stretch some of these.

Country #2 - West Germany

Yes, you read that right. That's how long ago the musical ambassadors trip was.

Not in any particular order, we did:
  • Heidelberg, went to a castle
  • Rode the Rhine, saw castles
  • Wiesbaden, haven't a clue what we did there, but I'm sure there was a castle
  • Berchtesgaden, remember when the boys in Band of Brothers cleared out Hitler's Eagle's Nest? That's where this is...and that place was big enough to be a castle.
  • Learned the German word for shit while playing video games at an arcade, but not the German word for castle...wait, unless it's schloss?
  • Ate wiener schnitzel for the first and last time (and EPCOT doesn't count, though they do have castles there.)
Yeah, there's a ton more we did in West Germany, but not that included castles...

Odd to think that I've been to a country that (I suppose, in name only) doesn't exist anymore.

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The Geek said...

My favorite Who castle quote is Rose's... well, Cassandra-in-Rose's: "Curves! It's like living inside a bouncy castle!"

I love the German language... Everyone always makes fun of me for it, but I think it's very fun, and would love to know it better. I took two years of German in middle school (it was offered at my school in Australia), but switched to French when I got back to the States... All I remember how to say now is "I'm hungry", "I don't know", "My stomach hurts", and "I have a headache".

Gee, I'm a bit of a complainer, aren't I?

julie said...

ugh... Martha. Still my least favorite of the recent DW companions. I still have no idea what she was doing at the castle and it seemed like they threw her in just as a well-we-have-everyone-else-back-might-as-well-have-Martha-too kind of way.

also... how do you remember AMA? i think i'm the only one who actually SAW europe on the trip! hahahahahahahahahahahah

joy said...

Heh, I just saw that bouncy castle episode yesterday. Never gets old.

German wasn't offered...our HS had only Spanish and French with terrible Southern accents. And, in college, i did 3 semesters of Japanese and 1 of Spanish. Now I want to see a DW in Japan, though.

And, that's true, julie, AMA is totally fuzzy, with several moments of crystal clarity. Though, I suppose if I had my pictures from back then, each post of this miniseries would be substantially longer. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Wiesbaden is where my mom lived for a few years (in the 1950s) but all I remember about it was that The Ramones were playing there at the time we visited. We should have gone to see them!