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Friday, August 15, 2008

From Russia...with dolls

Magnet #175 - Russian matryoshka doll

I kinda wanted a Russian theme because of Nastia Luikin's all-round gold last night. Born in Russia, and raised here, she and her dad kinda sorta made me all teary-eyed, watching them during the medals ceremony.

This magnet kinda fits, cuz as discussed, some of those gymnasts are pocket-sized, and you could probably put a Luikin, within a Horton, within a Jiang. Or, actually, vice versa.

All this time, I'd thought my sister brought this one back from her time in the Peace Corps. Come to find out, she bought it at some Russian church festival in DC.

Wherever it came from it's quite cute, no? It's one of those Russian nesting dolls, where they have a doll within a doll within a doll. Supposedly, the Russians co-opted the idea from Japan, and applied to their own items - such as, (and how cool is this), the first Faberge egg that had the hen, chick, egg and yolk. Ok, I'll admit, seeing that one might freak me out a bit.

Although, you see these nesting dolls all the time, with not just cute babushkas, but animals and Santas...and even political leaders. This site - TolsToys - (Hee!) has some of the cutest sets ever. The ones that I giggled at though are the Democrats! Or Republicans! And even Madonna! (Hah! No, the other one!)
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