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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

After a while, Crocodile

Magnet #180 - South Africa

Nope. Never been. I think I picked this up volunteering at a travel trade show, might have been in the swag bag or something.

A little late, but apparently, on Monday night, Khotso Mokoena of South Africa picked up their only medal so far...a silver in the Long Jump, for 8.24 meters (No, I haven't a clue on the conversion).

Here's cool (if you don't want to read the longest non-paragraphed article ever written): When he jumps, Mokoena, whose name means Crocodile, always wears a lucky glove, an open-fingered number...lined with a bit of crocodile skin.

Well, count yourselves lucky, had the Crocodile not won this medal, the accompanying blogpost to this magnet would have been about the (ever-so-lovely) Thorsten Kaye's Shark Attack 2, which was set in South Africa.

Yes. I know. You didn't even know there was a first. Let alone a second. (And there's a third...but John Barrowman swears he only did it for the money.)

I made a cutesy favicon for joy magnetism. If Blogger doesn't override it, it should show up on your url box, your tab, and your favorites. Gimme a shout if it doesn't show up for you. Of course, I won't be able to help out tech-wise, but still helpful to know. (And again, thanking goodness that my name's not Delores. Heh.)

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The Geek said...

Very cute! I can see the little blue Joy logo, no problem.

And of course John Barrowman only did it for the money... those botox treatments get pricey when you have standing weekly appointments. ;-)

jen said...

Ha. How'd I know you'd mention the favicon? I saw it up there when I opened your page and thought oh cute, wonder how she did that.

joy said...

Hee. Are you kidding - it took everything in me not to send out an alert to all my readers this morning at 5 when I figured it out!

Hahahaha - GG, have you listened to the special DT/JB/FA commentary on episode 13 of DW? If not, email me (, and I'll email you the file, if I still have it. So. Freakin'. Funny.

G said...

Favicon doesn't exist. That cute little icon is purely an figment of an active imagination. [/inside joke. way inside]

Will Thorsten Kaye's Shark Attack 2 grace the blog at some point?

joy said...

Hahaha. To be honest, I was supersurprised that favicon actually showed up so easily. Heh.

And, I dunno. I do have a couple of possibilities for TK...and the shark. We shall see.