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Monday, August 25, 2008

Eat this

Magnet #185 - Gourmet, EAT

Another day, another piece of magnetswag.

Today's magnet reminded me of a "new" summer show I picked up on BBC-A, called Skins. It's on its third series in the United Kingdom, and as usual, the U.S. is slow on the uptake. For once, though, I'm committed to following the U.S. schedule, rather than catch up anywhere online.

But, I'm not going to review it, because Alan Sepinwall, one of my fave columnists, is covering the show, plus, he's like a professional and all, so ya'll pay attention to him. All I can say is that I was all set to hate it, and probably would have not even bothered to watch, had Sepinwall not given it a fairly positive review.

To explain the magnet: there's this totally messed-up chick with an eating disorder, who was just released from her outpatient care...after having gained the required weight to be dismissed. But, she stuffed little hockey puck weights into her undies to weigh her down. After leaving facilities, she starts getting stalked everywhere she goes by the word EAT. Text messages, a plate full of fries. She thinks it's this guy friend of hers trying to save her, but it's not.

It'd be pretty funny, were her story not so heartbreaking.

So, that episode was followed up by a pretty good one this week as well, though I'll admit, I might have identified a bit too much with the band geek clarinetist with a rap star dad (and no, my dad's not a rap star). A drug dealer smashed her clarinet and I seriously gasped out loud right along with her.

Three episodes in, and I'm not quite sure if I'm completely on board or not. Or, maybe it's just because I'm just biding my time until the real tv shows start. But till then, there's no reason to love the ones I'm with right now.
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The Geek said...

Right there with ya... When do the real shows start? I need my new episodes of scripted TV, please.

joy said...

Sepinwall did his annual Fall TV Preview guide.

EW hasn't done theirs yet, I don't think.

But, they can't start the season soon enough, methinks.