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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beach Volleyball...again?

Magnet #179 - Sunset Beach, North Carolina

No, no, not another "I don't like beaches" post...though we were frequent visitors to Sunset growing up, a friend of mine gave me this one.

Picked a beach motif today because I'm wondering if ya'll have noticed that the Women's Beach Volleyball portion of the Olympics seems to be on like every. single. hour. of every. single. day?

Feels like every time I turn it to any Olympic coverage at any time of day that the girls are always on the sand. Ew. Sand. And, though it's an exciting game, a friend of mine mentioned that it seems to be the same game every time you tune in, and you can't tell that it's a different match.

I suppose you could tell, depending on the uniforms...but, to be absolutely honest, I kinda just wish that the boys had equal time.
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jen said...

Yeah, but the guys aren't as cute as Steve Timmons and Karch Kiraly were.... And they never show Karch -- you only hear him.

joy said...

Awwww, Steve and Karch. I miss the 84 Mens Volleyball team.

And, word, I've seen Karch only once these games, and that makes me sad.

G said...

"I kinda just wish that the boys had equal time"... and equal clothing. The women are in skimpy bikinis, and the men are in loose tees and shorts. Where's the equality in that? Typically on tour events, the men are shirtless.

(Whoops. I first typed that "the men are shortless". Now that would make for an interesting game and a hefty FCC fine.)

joy said...

I'd say interesting beats out FCC fine any day. But, you're right! The boys are all wearing loose clothes. Hmph.