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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The boundaries of space and time

Magnet #169 - American Museum of Natural History

I've never been a big dinosaur kid. In fact, my only real memories of dinosaurs from childhood was helping my sister learn her school play songs - Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

So, really, there's no reason for me to be watching that new show on BBC-A - Primeval. Except that I have to admit to a certain amount of brainwashing. I watch tons of BBC-A, so every darn commercial break, there's at least one Primeval ad in the pod. And, if it's not a commercial, it's a behind the scenes look at the characters or their CGI work. But even when I'm not watching BBC-A, I just have to walk down the street in Manhattan, to see them taking over vacant storefronts. And really, how many times can I hear that one guy say that some. force. out. there. ripped the boundaries of space and time!

So, in case you've missed all the hoopla, it's all about this weirdo broken shards of glass anomaly in some weirdo forest in the UK. Oh, and weirdo dinosaurs coming through the weirdo broken shards of glass anomaly. And the weirdo mix of weirdo individuals that they've thrown together to investigate. A university professor, his assistant, a student of his, a zookeeper and then the rogue government agent determined to help them out with her boss fighting her the whole way. Oh, and the missing wife of the uni prof, whose camera they found when they went through the anomaly to investigate. The prof, by the way, went through the anomaly with naught but the clothes on his back and a special forces soldier. WTH?

The writing's kinda cheesy, the plotting isn't all that much better, the CGI's actually not bad, and I kept waiting for them to call Torchwood. That's all I got, having seen only the pilot so far. I'll keep watching for an episode or two more, because there's at least one or two cuteboys to keep me occupied. How sad is it that I recognize only the chick from S Club 7, and the guy who played the chaperone from The Prince & Me?

I don't really have a great track record with pilots...which is why I end up watching at least the first few episodes before adding or deleting from my TV dance card. So for now, it stays...after all, how will I learn it's not the Doctor himself who ripped the boundaries in space and time!

(Goodness, maybe now a whole new set of Primeval commercials will air!)
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