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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mystic swimmer

Magnet #173 - Mystic Pizza

Yep. That Mystic Pizza. We dropped by Mystic, CT, on our way home from a Mohegan Sun daytrip.

Pizza was pretty good, but don't expect Annabeth, Lily or Julia to serve you. Do expect them to be staring down at you from any number of movie paraphernalia hanging on the wall.

I was mostly disappointed in the homemade magnet, though. It's one of those plastic frames with a rather poor color copy of the restaurant graphic inserted. Oh, well.

I picked today's magnet, because apparently, we're playing a new game: how many magnets can I tie-back to the Olympics?

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I remembered that Michael Phelps has this weird diet of pizza and pasta. And I have this image in my head of him with a stack of steaming hot pizzas, with his almost-a-dozen medals round his neck. Heh.

Favorite quote today: Phelps, after his 200 butterfly win: "I mean, yeah, I did break the [world] record, but I think I can go faster. That's what I'm most frustrated about."
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The Geek said...

What I want to know is whether newspapers all across America are covering the Olympics the way the LA Times is. Because if so, I'm disappointed in them.

Every day I've seen the Times, the Olympics section details which events we've been matched with China in, and in a very passive aggressive manner makes it seem like this is World War III and the Chinese are the enemy. Every match up is Good and Evil, for the fate of the western world, win or die, etc. And while yes, the French DID talk some smack, you don't have to resort to REALLY immature name calling while covering the story.

Yes, the Olympics is about national pride and how many medals we win, but can't it also be about culture, and acceptance, and cute boys in spandex?

Okay, rant over.

joy said...

Oh, I've definitely had issues with the overall media coverage of the Olympics (and news in general, of late), by pretty much everyone.

I ranted elsewhere, but to be honest, I can't tell if issues are getting buried. To wit:

1) The Spanish basketball teams' extreme idiocy in making "slant eyes" in that newspaper picture.

2) The Chinese music director who opted to use a lip-synching double, because the real little girl singer with her perfect voice didn't have the image that China wanted to portray (because she was chubby and had uneven teeth).

3) The opening ceremonies footprints to the Birds' Nest being CGI, and not real fireworks.

4) The Chinese gymnastics team possibly being underage.

5) The tourist attack on the first day.

6) Russia invading Georgia, and then showing up pretty as you please at the opening ceremonies.

7) Bush sternly and hypocritically reprimanding both presidents for having it take place on such a "peaceful" day.

8) That weird-ass soap opera of the two female swimmers and the guy in between them.

Oh, I could go on and on, but then I'd just be all sad about the happy Olympics.

Which is why I'm bringing it back to cuteboys in spandex.

YAY cuteboys in spandex. And boys in tank tops on the beach volleyball sand. And boys on...well, you get the picture.