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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baltimore boy done good

Magnet #177 - Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD

One of my sisters has a blog called "I live my life up and down I-95," which she started because she spent a lot of time up and down the I-95 corridor. She lived up near Boston, I live in New York, my other sister lives in DC, and then our parents live in North Carolina. I suppose when you've got your favorite rest areas, and you know which ones to avoid, I-95 starts to feels like an old friend.

But one place that I've never stopped is Baltimore. No reason, really. It's always on the way to somewhere else, but it's generally not even a gas station stop.

My sisters brought this back for me from Fort McHenry. Birthplace of the National Anthem. Site of more than a few major battles in U.S. history.

I picked this magnet from Baltimore because it's also the hometown of Olympics golden boy, Michael Fred Phelps, who managed to score his 8th gold medal today. And, last night, after the preseason football game at the Ravens stadium, they broadcast the race on the jumbotron, and 70,000 folks cheered him on. That had to have been amazing...even though, I spent a bit of that race peering from behind a pillow.

I'm not even a big Phelps fan - definitely not as big as my DC sister. But you don't have to be, to be in awe of such an amazing accomplishment. Jeepers. And, yet, I still find myself wondering how he's displaying that stuff over at his mom's house.

Oh! And the best thing ever? Last night's "Congratulations, Michael" commercial. Visa was supersmart for getting all the spots in the can, and I can't believe the pinpoint accuracy the ad scheduling folks over at NBC are working with. Last night's was my favorite.

Where Morgan says, "But 8, 8 gold medals? Well...we're going to have to invent a new adjective for that one."
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G said...

"But 8, 8 gold medals? Well...we're going to have to invent a new adjective for that one."

"Phelpsian". It's what you call someone from Phelps, but I think it's a good new adjective for this situation. It can mean "holy crap, that's impressive".

jen said...

SQUEEEEEE. Seriously. I heart Michael Phelps like I've never hearted anyone right now.

Erika said...

I wonder if they'll name a street after him now.

joy said...

At this rate, they may name a day after him.

I'm liking Phelpsian for the adjective.

And, Jen, I'm just wondering how Richard Armitage would feel if he knew you were cheating on him with Michael Phelps.

G said...

Knowing Baltimore, they'll give him a street, a parade, and an item on a diner menu.