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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Round and round

Magnet #167 - Binghamton, NY

Yep, another roadtrip, but this stop was semiplanned. The goal: to try and ride the carousels of Greater Binghamton.

Two reasons why:
  1. I used to be the editor of a trade newsletter/magazine called Carousel, which covered carnival news around the United States. (Stop laughing. I can hear you. And yes, that's another magnet.)
  2. Apparently, there are only 170 antique carousels left in North America. And this town has six of them...and all of them are listed in the National Historic Register.
C'mon. That right there is reason enough. I'm not even a big fan of carousels, but how can you pass up the chance to ride them!

Ummmm....well, we sorta did. We got there and managed to ride only two of the six. Yes, yes, I know, magically I ended up with a button-turned-magnet that states otherwise. (We made friends at the visitors center.)

Funnily enough, the price to ride the carousels was one piece of litter. But, it's like the honor There wasn't any litter at the carousel at the park. I promise!

Looks like that Keep America Beautiful campaign's workin' out well for them.
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1 comment:

jen said...

Binghamton was like a real-life Stars Hollow!