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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The only thing we have to fear, yadda yadda

Magnet #174 - ALG, you scare me!

I've decided that Olympic athletes scare me. No, no, I know they're perfectly lovely people, but they scare me. No matter what country, what gender, what age, what sport - they all have this grim look of determination on their faces. That, get out of my way, I'm comin' through, look.

It's a healthy fear, I think it's really just extreme awe at what these athletes go through to accomplish what they've accomplished. I also think it's probably because I've not been as passionate a competitor - at least not in 13 years of piano, or on the marching band field of competition. Shut. It.

Oh! But, here's something else that scares me. USA Today's Pop Candy did a blog entry on this guy who collects condiment packets. No, I'm being dead serious. You can see his packets page here (let it fully load, it's worth the wait) - and I swear I kept this page open all day yesterday because it was oddly soothing to see a full page of well...packets.

So, I thought I was weird about my magnets. This guy's cataloged all of his condiment packets. He has a swag section over at Cafepress. AND? Apparently, he gives away buttons, for anyone who has contributed a packet to his collection.

It's that last thing that's particularly intriguing. You almost have to validate your condiment packet in order for him to accept your donation! Do what???

When I started this blog back in February, I had mentioned that I probably had enough to keep this blog going for about two years. That was sort of my end in sight.

But I hadn't anticipated that everyone would want to contribute to my collection. It's been awesome, because, well, you know, I love magnets. But I don't give anything away in return...when people contribute, I generally use the magnet to blog against, and say that a friend gave it to me.

Now I'm ya'll want buttons in return? Ooooh, or how about a magnet that says, "I contributed to joymagnetism, and all I got was this stupid magnet!"

Hmmm, food for thought. See? Now I'm scaring you.

FYI, background on today's Angry Little Girls magnet, if you missed it the first go around.
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G said...

"Now I'm ya'll want buttons in return?"

Nope. Your squees are my reward.

Do I get a gold star for that answer? I will accept gold stars.

The Geek said...

Wow... lots of packets. The only odd collection I ever had was bookmarks. I had close to 100, some old, some handmade cross-stitch, some new ones with Garfield on them, but have no idea where they would be now. Hmm. It's like John Mayer's song "83" when he asks when his lunch box got thrown away and why he didn't get a say in that decision.

I tried IMing you yesterday but didn't get a response. All I wanted to say is, if you've got member-y ways to score another Hamlet ticket, I'm in, and would be very appreciative! I'm wary of buying tickets on eBay, and just saw this, which drove home the point:

The Geek said...

Ack, didn't realize the link was so long and would get cut off... attempt #2:

The Geek said...

Oh for the love of... this should work:

If not, I give up.

joy said...

Nah, it's ok. I saw the article, GG. It's actually why I sold my January Hamlet ticket to a colleague, rather than auction it off online. That, and because I just couldn't get around the word, scalper. (No matter *how* much those other tix were going for.)

I have added you to my IM list, so you should be able to get through now.

And, yes, V, you totally get gold stars. And, maybe eventually, if I get industrious, a magnet. Hee.

julie said...

I would like a button for every magnet i give... then i could start a button collection! ha.

no, really, just being mentioned in the post that i gave you the magnet is cool enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I opened the link. When you mentioned it earlier, I couldn't help but wonder if he emptied the packets or kept the sauce in them. [/random]

Also, I love that I am not the only one that collects bookmarks.

joy said...

Oh, bethie, i know! Someone in his comments said that he should have kept the contents in them. EWwww. That's an accident waiting to happen. Heh!