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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We think we can, we think we can

Magnet #172 - You can because you think you can

Yeah, it's a slightly cheesy magnet, but this one kinda tickled me, after watching our men's gymnastics team take bronze. And no, I don't have nearly enough magnets to cover each day, I promise.

If you listened to any of the unrelenting commentary, you know that the odds were against the U.S. men's team. No one believed that the Hamm-less team would place, especially when they were fielding a couple of alternates, and not a whit of Olympic experience among them.

But, they managed to pull it off. I firmly believe it was through the sheer will of the pocket-sized gymnasts, particularly that Horton kid, who seemed to do a darn good job of keeping his teammates focused and superexcited. So, yay for the boys!

(Yep, I know other folks took medals, too, but my post got too ya'll can head over to NBC or SI for that.)
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