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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mad Ads

Magnet #183 - The Coca-Cola Company

Ads, ads, ads, ads. The Olympics have gone mad with ads. And I love them all.

There were about a dozen major sponsors,* and I bet without trying, you can remember the majority of them. Watch, I'll try: GE, Coca-Cola Company, Lenovo, McDonald's, and VISA.

OK, well, I didn't quite hit the dozen, but, that's pretty good recall, given the amount of money these companies dropped on the Games.

Think about it - add in the sponsorship rights. Add in the media placements. Add in the creative fees for the ad agencies. Add in the production money. Jeepers, we probably could have saved the world a few times over with that money.

And what did it get them?

Well, for Coke, McD's and VISA - they nabbed the top three unaided brand recall for Olympic viewers. Which basically means they had the commercials that people remember most.

Your turn:
Favorite ad (or advertiser) in the last two weeks?

*Kodak, McD’s, GE, J&J, Coke, Atos Origin, Manulife Financial, Omega/Swatch, Panasonic, Lenovo, Samsung, Visa
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jen said...

Oh! The Coke Birds' Nest one, where the birds re-create the stadium with straws. And the Visa ones for Michael Phelps, especially the one after he won his 8th gold. And the "Save Ellis Island" one with Michael and a whole bunch of other stars... Julie bought a t-shirt because of it ... and I might too.

G said...

Most memorable: the one with the runner that got hurt during the race, and his dad came down to help him finish the race. I think it was Visa, though it's probably not a good marketing tool if I can't remember the company.

Most memorable, but not in a good way: that dorky McDonalds one, where the burger-maker is making a burger, and the voiceover is doing play-by-play commentary like she's competing at burger-making. Woo hoo.

julie said...

hmm... even though it's not a company. i'm going to have to go with the Save Ellis Island commercial. I. LOVE. IT. love the ad, love the website, and love the t-shirt (or i will once i get it!). it totally won me over and we didn't even come through ellis island! :)

oh, and the coke ads - the birds nest re-creation and the yao v. kobe one. i like the "chinese" music. hahaha.