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Friday, September 26, 2008

It was allllll a dream

Magnet #217 - Dallas, TX

Soooo, apparently, 22 years ago today, America saw Bobby Ewing emerge from the dead. In Pam's shower. With Pam freaking out, and the rest of us going, what. the. hell.

I remember watching that episode, too. That was crazy. Like, supermondo crazy. I mean, daytime soaps used to do it all the time, and still do it. But, for a nighttime soap with a more mainstream audience to do it, man, people were con. fused.

The questions were rampant - was everything that happened since his death undone because it was a dream? was it just Pammy's world that went nuts? was Bobby all shriveled like a prune? how much water did he waste? what kind of drugs was Pam on? did JR know? maybe he wasn't shot?

And, who was crazier, us for watching this show with rapt attention? or them, for coming up with that crap?

Well, clearly, that's a draw.
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The Geek said...

I LOVE the random ways you use your magnets: a Shakespearean quote to complain about Mondays, a Texan city to comment on a soap opera episode that aired over 20 years ago...

Hee hee. Always amusing.

joy said...

Thanks, GG.

Aside from my miniseries, I try to keep the magnets as random as possible. Or, as random as my moods are, anyway!