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Monday, September 15, 2008

What the rest of the world thinks of America

Magnet #206 - SoapNet Rich

Yep. Talk about misperception. Relatively speaking, sure, America is a wealthy nation.

Except for, it seems, this year, and in particular, today. I personally freaked out earlier this year, over the Bear Stearns fiasco. Now Lehman Brothers is filing for Chapter 11, Merrill Lynch is being bought (wtf?) by Bank of America, and AIG is scrambling for emergency funds, and WaMu may be doing the same. And now, everyone's holding their breath for the opening bell in a few minutes.

Superscary. Everyone says don't panic. Ummm, yeah, ok. I'll get right on that.

Anyway, I'm turning this magnetpost on a dime....for a quick Rich story to end on a less dire note.

When we were at Chapel Hill, my galpals and I went out over to Duke to see how the other half partied. First, it was a dorm kegger with a band. Whoa, private schools can party right out in the open, apparently. Second, this supercute guy came up to me, and introduced himself.

Him: Hi, I'm Rich.
joy (starting to walk away, with my nonPoker face showing): I'm sure you are.
Him: No, no, I mean, my name is Rich.

We ended up going out after that, but really, he was in the engineering department, and thus way too smart for me. OMG, I think I dated Rusty from Greek!
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julie said...

hahaha... you dated rusty... does that make you jen k? ha! also, i think Duke dorm parties were fun because their dorms were WAY nicer than carolina. I mean, seriously? Hinton-James and Morrison were terrible! Fun. But TERRIBLE.

joy said...

Yeah, but Granville had good parties as well.

Dude, did you hear? Granville's now Uni housing. Hahahahah.