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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One if by land

Magnet #207 - Old North Church, Boston

Supposedly today's the day that Shawmut village or penninsula renamed itself Boston. I've found only one reference to a date, so let's just go with it.

I picked the Old North Church because it's Boston, and because tomorrow marks the beginning of National Constitution Week, and I thought it might be a pretty good connection.

Oh, I won't go into it, because even if you don't know this particular church, you certainly know the story, or the Longfellow poem about Paul Revere's midnight ride. This is the infamous church, the highest point in Boston, where the guy had to climb up to the steeple and hold up two lanterns to let people know that the British were coming by sea.

Goodness, how different would our world have been had it been a foggy night?
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The Geek said...

And thanks to the movie National Treasure, lots of non-history buffs who slept through 11th grade US history now know the story, too. :-)

Also: Happy Mexican Independence Day!

julie said...

dude... paul revere's midnight ride was a sham. remember, that other guy did it? we saw the landmark and everything when we visited brandeis and SIT!