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Monday, September 29, 2008


Magnet #220 - Garden Maze

An acre's never seemed so big. The Garden Maze at Luray Caverns, Virginia was terrific fun.

It's one of those old-school giant mazes that you have to figure out how to get to the middle. It's more fun when you travel in packs, though it's funny how you start to compete with other random people in the maze.

It's also funny how as time wears on, you start to second and third guess your choices...mainly cuz you've run into a green wall. Or two. Or ten.

Kinda wish I'd visited the little shop to buy this magnet, before we went through it.
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jen said...

That would've been cheating! I like the Hampton Court maze, too. Tiny by comparison but the whispering made it difficult to concentrate!

The Geek said...

Oooh! I love mazes! I've actually only been to one, and it wasn't a proper hedge maze, it was a corn maze, so you could cheat quite abominably by just stepping through the stalks... ;-) There's way too much to say here, though, so I'm writing a Joy-inspired post on my own blog. Thanks for reminding me of a totally fun day!

Erika said...

something a little closer to home?

julie said...

i love a good maze! the corn maze in thurmont, md is SUPER fun... you should go down and do it with jen and gordon, joy! We've been going the past 2 years... and now I can't go.

I'm glad that Luray had a maze... the caves were annoying, but at least there was a maze!

joy said...

Yeah, I'm not trying to go to another maze. I start to creep myself out walking through them. Oh! And it's even worse when the maze includes those creepy-ass voices and music and whispering in the hedges. Ack!