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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Go ahead, punk

Magnet #452 - SoapNet's Punk

Rant ahead.

Of all the things I hate most in this world, it's rudeness. Lack of manners. I'm not claiming to be Emily Post, because I have my moments in the sun when it comes to uncouth, rowdy and altogether unbecoming of a lady behavior. I love this wiki definition though:
They are like laws in that they codify or set a standard for human behavior, but they are unlike laws in that there is no formal system for punishing transgressions, other than social disapproval. They are a kind of norm.
But honestly, we're not talking state dinners with full on social graces here. We're just talking about common courtesy. My parents taught us how to say Yes, Sir and Yes, Ma'am; and please and thank you, and how to watch ourselves in public and with our friends, and for goodness' sake, how to freakin' behave. Didn't everyone's parents (and teachers) teach them?

So, why, in the space of a couple of days, have I seen such utter rudeness? You could claim that it's because I'm in New York, and surrounded by New Yorkers. Except that it's not.

Graduation ceremonies up at Brandeis University. That's a Nobel Prize winner delivering the commencement address. Get your loud and chatty children out of the auditorium. And while you're at it - production person all in black with a headset - you're not supposed to be seen or heard. So. Shut. Up.

People who don't say please and thank you! Non-New Yorkers! I have a coworker who doesn't ever say please. (Don't worry, even as a courtesy, he doesn't read this blog.) He simply demands what he wants - via email, on the phone, in person. Doesn't even matter that he thanks the person - the self-entitled way he conducts himself has already done the damage.

And, really. How do you not say thank you when people go out of their way to include you in their activities? How do you not even fake offer to pull out your wallet to pay for your meal, not to mention offering to help pay for expenses when you're on a trip? What is that about?

Now, this one may be New Yorkers, but seriously. How do you not make yourself as small as possible whenever you're walking up crowded stairs, or when you're on a train, or just walking down a crowded sidewalk? Why must you fling your backpack all over the place, walk (slowly) up the middle of a staircase, or take up twice as much room than you really need on a bus or train? Why wouldn't you get out of the way when people are entering or exiting the train? Why wouldn't you scooch over to give up your seat for the poor pregnant chick?

And don't even get me started on the triple-wide strollers on playdates in the City - I fail to understand why the unsuspecting public has to pay for your decision to populate the world. Single. Handedly.

Miss Manners herself (and probably my mom) would be appalled at this magnetpost, I'm sure.

Don't worry - it's not any of you, dear readers. As I mentioned, these people don't read my blog. And, if they do?

Suck it.
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The Geek said...

I have come to the conclusion over the past 10 days that 90% of human beings alive today have abandoned manners or were never taught them to begin with. Completely aside from the horrors of Craig's List, I witnessed the most horrendously OBVIOUS hit and run the other day. Big Black Van CREAMED the side of Little Red Car while it was trying to parallel park behind the little guy, and then when he went to speed away, he got caught caught on Little Red Bumper, and burned rubber for a good 10 seconds straight (smelled awful) before he finally disengaged himself and roared off down the block.

Nevermind he did this in front of a good 5 people standing on the street. We all wrote down the make, model, and license plate, and immediately called the police.

What is wrong with you people? Not only am I ashamed for you, but I'm disappointment in all of your parents who obviously FAILED to teach you proper behavior.

::sigh:: Now I'm all riled up before bedtime...

joy said...

Ok, that's just horrible! I hope they caught the guy.

Honestly, on my way to work this AM, I thought of a million other rudenesses (failure to say excuse me) and just plain being kind to your fellow neighbors. But, oh well.

Of course, now I'm wracking my brains to make sure I've thanked every good and moved over for every pregnant chick. Heh.

julie said...