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Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's illogical

Magnet #442 - Angry Little Girls' it's good to be a space cadet

In less than 12 hours, I'll have woken up early, done a load of laundry and gone to see Star Trek/IMAX. You know it, baby!

And come noon, I better be one freakin' happy little camper.

I say this, because everyone I know has been buzzing about this movie, and have totally amped me up for it. So they best not be wrong.

Truthfully, it won't matter if they're right, or wrong. It's a Star Trek movie, and I would have gone if they'd picked the wrong director, and cast the wrong cast. It's what I do. It's who I am.

The funny thing is, as I've discussed before (and specifically about Star Trek, natch) - I love something, but I don't love, love it. I get obsessed, but I'm not crossing the line into true fandom. Just can't do it. And yet, I get a kick out of being surrounded by true fans.

What's not so logical is my hesitation in telling people that I was totally gonna see this movie opening weekend. I realized today that apparently, I'll proudly wave the (new) Doctor Who freak flag, and I'll status my heart out for every Siffy and non-Siffy television show out there, but when it came to actually saying it on either of my Facebook statuses, I was totally reluctant to do so.

Usually, I revel in my eclectic dorkitude - I mean, I have a freakin' magnetblog! What is it about Trek that makes me suddenly shy?

Eh, whatevs, man, it doesn't matter now, especially since I've totally outed myself for the space cadet I really am.

Go on. Click on the "dorky" box below. See if I care.
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The Geek said...

Joy, I adore those little reaction boxes. At the risk of you accusing me of going all Single White Female on you, how do I put those on the end of MY posts?

And I know what you mean--I refused to watch or learn anything about Star Trek until about a year ago, because I always thought to myself, "I'm a dork, but at least I'm not a *trekkie*..." ::sneer::

And as I said in my Trek post, I officially apologize to the show and all affiliated people, fans, and series. Star Trek, "I am--and always shall be--your" fan.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you don't want someone to reply to your FB status in Klingon?

joy said...

Hahahaha, nice one, goddesspharo. I'm actually mentally reviewing my FB list, and honestly, I dunno if there's anyone there who *could* reply in Klingon. Honestly, growing up, I've only known a handful of true fans...and oddly, they're not on my FB. Hmmm, must go stalk.

GG, I'm not sure if the reaction boxes are built into the stock blogger particular template, or not. But go back into your customization tabs, and see if they're there?