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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Change of summits

Magnet #450 - Mount Everest, Nepal

Remember I went on that rant about how my sister was planning on visiting Base Camp? Of Mount Everest? Without telling our parents before she was planning to face possible death?

Turns out that even Mother Nature was against her, as all the flights (that were going to take her to where she'd be about a 14-day hike away from base camp), were grounded. So, (she says), she booked a fly-by of the mountain.

If you've read any number of posts here on joy magnetism - you know that's how we often roll - flying right by it Of course, I've never done a literal fly-by, so that's kinda cool.

I haven't a clue where she picked this magnet up, but yay for a Mount Everest magnet!

Today, she graduates from grad school, getting her Masters in Saving the World. Or, rather, her MA in Sustainable International Development, which means she'll be explaining to regular folk what that means for a good part of her life.

Well, you may not have gotten to climb the actual mountain, kid, but congrats on reaching several summits this year: Confirmation (oh, yes, there's a magnet for that one), grad school graduation (now I have to figure out when to use your alma mater's magnet), and then later on this year, a wedding (oddly, there's already a magnet for that one).
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1 comment:

julie said...

hey... i totally just read this one now. sorry! thanks for the shout out! :) and i got that magnet in thamel - the touristy place in ktm.