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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Map is not to scale

Magnet #435 - Joy in Portland

I've been to Portland only once, as part of that cross-country train trip several years ago. It was literally a pitstop of a few hours, before we hooked up with the Cascades line up to Seattle.

Two things I remember vividly.

Forgetting a stack of my bills on the Amtrak train, freaking out over them, and finding out that the wonderful guys at Amtrak mailed them out for me. Yet another reason to love Amtrak. Love.

The other thing I remember is trying to walk up to the Pittock Mansion, "five minutes away" from downtown Portland.

Let's just say that the map we were following was most definitely not to scale.
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Sunflower Ranch said...

I've taken the commuter train from Seattle to Portland and it's a pretty smooth ride, but for luxury, take the Coast Starlight. Amtrak is a fun way to travel and the men and women who work on the trains are great! Glad that was a good part of your trip! LOL