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Friday, May 15, 2009

Kirk vs. Wright. Who cares, it's pretty!

Magnet #448 - New Yorker Guggenheim

What? I said I had several Guggenheim magnets. Get thee there. Sometime between today (yay!) and August.

Ready. Set. Go.: Frank Lloyd Wright, From Within Outward.

Goodness, you'd think I was getting a commission or something for how much I'm pimping this exhibit.

But you have to understand - the Gug is like the only way we get to have anything FLWy here - from the looks of it, the Midwest is the place to be when it comes to FLW.

Though, honestly, I'm kinda glad. I bet I'd be soooo out of my demographic if I went to any of those uberWright events. At least out of my depth, anyway.

I can't see me intelligently discussing Usonian or Prairie style, Froebel blocks and sitelines, without resorting to just thinking something's pretty.

It's kinda like that Star Trek Showdown panel I went to earlier this week, where the panelists discussed who was a better captain - Kirk vs. Picard, Kirk vs. Janeway, Kirk vs. Adama, Kirk vs. O'Neill. Well, you get the picture. It was a fun thing to watch - I love watching boys get all excited about their ST or SW or their Flight Control or their comics, whatever. But, still, they were quoting Kirk speeches that I'm not even sure I ever saw. Meanwhile, I just think Kirk was pretty. Hot, even.

So, I guess it's probably good then that I'm in New York, and not with people who actually know FLW like these guys knew their Kirk.

(Thus endeth the FLW miniseries. For now. Until I actually see the exhibition.)
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