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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey, Beibei!

Magnet #456 - Beibei from the Beijing Olympics

Eeeeee! How. Adorable. Is. This.

She's one of the mascots from last year's Beijing Olympics. Yes. A keychain my friends brought back for me, now turned into a magnet. Yay!

Beibei is a fish (in water behind her) - the symbols of prosperity and harvest.

I just love her cuz she's blue and green!

There were five Fuwa (good luck dolls). They have a rhyming name (like the way Filipinos repeat syllables/words), so we have Beibei (fish), Jingjing (panda), Huanhuan (Olympic Flame), Yingying (Tibetan antelope) and Nini (swallow).

But, what I didn't know (or most likely forgot) is that together, Bei Jin Huan Ying Ni means Welcome to Beijing!

Superbien! Yep. My new word, totally stolen from my friend's blog - where she's totally having Adventures in Chile.
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