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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's your sign?

Magnet #454 - OXOX or XOXO

Hahahah - yes, it's supposed to be XOXO, and after that season finale with the cutest Blair and Chuck ending ever, I should have used this just for Gossip Girl.

But, I've already done a Gossip Girl nod, and truth be told, I hate that the concept of that show is based on a gossip...because if there's something I hate just as much as rudeness, it's gossip. And hanging out with people who do a lot of it. Ugh. (Again, I'm no innocent, I just hate when people aren't around to defend themselves, whether I like them or not.) /endrant

But, I'm using this magnet, because we're on the cusp of the next zodiac sign, the switchover from Taurus to Gemini. And, for those of you that know me, I'm as Ploddy-McPlodderson a Taurus as you can get. I was born pretty much in the middle of Taurus, plus my sun sign is Taurus. And on top of that, I was born in the year of the Ox.

That's why I do believe my horoscopes are always true. Always. No, really. Sometimes, I like to read them at the end of the day, just to see which sentence came true. Oh, shut up. I don't know that I actually believe in divining the future or personality traits by the stars - Chinese or otherwise - but there has to be something to that stuff.

Although, my speech and debate teacher in high school would probably scold me for promulgating my horoscope-reading. He once caught me reading my daily 'scope in class, and sternly asked me why I bothered to read it...that I was better off reading the Bible. It's something I've never forgotten.

Yep. Public school. Yep. Well, they don't call it the Bible Belt for nothin'.
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cc said...

the cutest Blair and Chuck ending everAfter an entire season of being emo, thank goodness they finally got back to the cuteness.

Unrelated side note: tell me you watched Glee on FOX, joy. I watched the unaired pilot, which was better because it was like ten minutes longer, but I love the show already (dangerous territory since this is FOX)!

The Geek said...

When my current guy and I were still "in negotiations" (ie. not officially dating yet), one of my worries was that I tend to ruin boys and all three of my long-term boyfriends have ended up being emotional crazy people by the time I'm done with them. My new guy's reply was, "Well, yeah. They were all Leos.... I'm a TAURUS."

:) I'm liking your kind so far.

joy said...

Right, cc? I was going to post on your GG entry, but then saw that everyone had pretty much said as much. And then I started reading the comments about how they were totally adlibbing that scene and then it was totally even cuter.

I did watch Glee - I really loved the musical numbers, though - the Rehab and Journey were amazing. My problem is that I'm holding Ryan Murphy to a high standard from Popular. Of *course*, I'm still going to watch it.

And, GG, that's because our kind rocks. Heh. Though now I'm worried about you ruining boys. What *are* you doing to them? :-)

The Geek said...

::wails:: I don't know! I've decided I'm a relationship Terminator and for the first two years, I'm a protector and awesome, and then my chip malfunctions and FOX cancels the relationship for no good reason at all.

I'm hoping the fact that this guy is a computer programmer means he can fix my chip if it malfunctions with him. :)

cc said...

The ad-libbing theory is purely theory since I think having watched all of this season, there's no way anyone believes that Josh Schwartz can write Blair and Chuck in any way that is NOT melodramatic and annoyingly wah wah wah.

I was listening to Journey non-stop last week because of Glee. The show is so happy-making that I can't believe I have to wait until fall when it will inevitably get canceled after the first handful of episodes, I'm sure.