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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I go to pieces

Magnet(s)# 438 - Magnet pieces

Everyone has a set of these things, whether they're words, or poetry or just letters. In fact, I saw in Target this weekend, they were selling those block letter magnets for kids. Odd, because I don't think I ever thought of anyone having to buy those things.

But, if you look in the middle of this set, you'll see the word pieces. That's because this chick with an ezine called Pieces kindly included joy magnetism and me on her blog/ezine. I know, right? You're thinking there's someone who covers about magnets?

Actually, she has a really interesting ezine focused on the different materials we live with, and how they affect our lives every day. Supercool, huh? Her current issue is Cotton, the fabric of our lives. But, she's done quite a few issues - on wood, steel, etc.

I took a spin around her Magnet issue, and learned a ton about magnets that I didn't know. I won't lie, I'm kinda wishin' I was that guy who invented magnetic poetry.
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Vicki said...

I think you've invented poetic magnetry. And if magnetry isn't a word it should be...

joy said...

NICE one, Vicki!