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Friday, May 1, 2009

Time to get serious

Magnet #434 - Ann Taintor's She Could See No Reason to Act Her Age

Every year around this time, my mother asks me, "How old will you be this year, joy?"

As I tell her, I can hear pained look on her face - the look of a mother wondering why her eldest child hasn't bought a new home, married or produced children yet.

Then, in that Mom voice, she says, "Ok. Tiiiiime to get serious, Joy."

And then I rapidly try to change the subject. Poor Mom.

Today is one of those get serious days. At work, anyway. We'll be having lotsa meetings throughout the day, where I'll be expected to be superserious. Which I hate. Like. A lot. But, it'll be just fine. I've got a workaround.

While I'm supposed to be putting on a serious face, just know that what I'll really be thinking about is how to celebrate all of the other holidays today.

Besides being my birthday, today is also:
  • May Day
  • International Labor Day
  • Amtrak Day
  • Law Day
  • Lei Day
  • Loyalty Day
  • Mother Goose Day
  • New Homeowners Day
  • No Pants Day
  • School Principal Day
  • Space Day
  • Silver Star Day
  • Stepmother's Day
  • Tuba Day
  • Executive Coaching Day
  • Keep Kids Alive - Drive 25 Day
  • Festival of Saint Efisio Day

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Erika said...

Happy Birthday!

And you're making up the Amtrak day thing, aren't you.

joy said...

Entirely possible that the CBS weatherguy (not my Dave Price) had his days wrong. National Train Day is May 9...but, maybe Amtrak celebrates it separately. HAHAHAHA.

Cameron McEwan said...

Happy B'Day!

Pennie Embry said...

Happy birthday a day late, joy! I am such a tardy friend.

and lots of hugs.

The Geek said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

::offers Joy an e-cake::

So sorry about it being a day late! :)

joy said...

Thanks, ya'll. Twas a fun and interesting birthday.