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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All things entertainment

Magnet #831 - Geppi's Entertainment Museum

This magnetpost will be timestamped last Wednesday, but it's being written 11:31pm Friday night, after I've finally surfaced from a 4-day bout with food poisoning, thank you very much, Bojangle's.

Or, rather, that's what we think. I basically spent a whole weekend sharing the same meals, and no one else got sick, until Tuesday, when I just had to grab a Bojangle's breakfast.

Tuesday, with a 10-hour drive back to New York, and the yuckiest drive ever. So yucky that I was alternately praying to break the land-speed record and practically begging for stops along the way, just to get out of the car.

Geppi's Entertainment Museum was one of those stops. It's a great museum, a perfect pitstop in Baltimore. I've been meaning to go to this museum since they had a booth set up at NY Comic-Con a couple of years ago.

I wish we'd had more time to wander the rooms of the museum. From the little books, to the comics, to the timeline and all the associated memorabilia along the way, the museum truly was a tribute to pop culture.

It was just chock-full of basically my childhood - from Howdy Doody to Disney, from the California Raisins to Dick Tracy, it was fun taking that stroll through time. My only complaint is that they didn't have magnets. A pop culture museum, sans magnets! Mind you, I basically just took my museum badge and stuck a mighty magnet on it, but still! Oh, the horror!

Anyways, Geppi's Entertainment Museum, recommend!

Food poisoning, not recommend! Of course, I'm blaming the breakfast and not the iced tea, lest you think I've sworn off Bojangle's forever.
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jen said...

Sorry for you, guy. That sucks. No more Bojangle's breakfasts for you.

Erika said...

We were going 80 most of the way, whether it was posted 55, 60 or 65...