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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missing David Tennant

Magnet #845 - Cheeky David Tennant

I miss David Tennant.

Oh, I know it sounds ridiculous, but I do. And, it's not even like I miss him as the Doctor. Well, it's partly that.

The funny part is that after the first couple of episodes of the current series, I stopped watching wondering how David would play this scene or that, or how he'd get along with Amy Pond or not. (He totally would.)

I stopped comparing pretty early because I think Matt Smith filled into his role as his own Doctor ok. I mean, I'm not rewatching episodes as much, and Twitter knows I love Amy Pond almost more than any of the other companions. (Fighting words, but at this point, you either love her, or hate her.) But, overall, the Baby Emo Doctor and his gorgeous-haired ginger companion have settled the show into something different than Ten's era.

That said, I do miss David Tennant.

We don't get the press coverage here. I dunno if he's still all over the UK mag rags, but he doesn't make it into our US mag rags too often. And, we sure as heck don't get his other series that he seems to be popping out every several weeks or so.

So, unless I pop in a DT dvd, the only time I see him is when my DVR decides to record one of the earlier airings of Doctor Who. I know he's got a couple of flicks he's attached to (really, I'm not too terribly crazy about the Fright Night remake, but whatever), but man, that's a ways off! And David won't be at Comic-Con in July, so there goes that. Right now, there's the daily unofficial @david_tennant on Twitter who tells me David's happenings will have to do.

Sigh. Oh, hurry up David, and either score a Broadway gig, or a US series. I dunno that my DVDs will last much longer.

*Magnet from the David Tennant shoot set by Ellis Parrinder. I couldn't help it. What a cheeky monkey he looks here!

BTW, have I mentioned lately that I like blue? Still messing around with it with the new blog layout, with minor edits (most notably my header pic up top) to come.
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Kate K said...

I haven't seen him all over the media here yet, but maybe I haven't been looking in the right places ... I will keep my eyeballs peeled for you!

joy said...

Yeah, I'm thinking because no one cares cuz he's not on DW anymore. Or, they're giving him a break.

With my luck, you're next door neighbors with him. :-)