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Monday, June 7, 2010

Make that change

Magnet #836 - Mind the Gap

One of the most familiar phrases associated with London, "Mind the gap, please, mind the gap." It's one I know and love, particularly when it's done a very thick accent. Heh.

This magnet (which I can't remember if I've used, gasp!) isn't the red, blue and white color scheme I picture in my head when I hear the phrase. But, I suppose you can't get any more official than part of a set bought at the London Transport Museum.

I picked it for today in honor of a friend of mine who just moved to London with her Brit hub.

I rarely get jealous of other people's lives, but my friend moved. Moved. As in, packed up her belongings, dumped Raleigh, NC, and hit the road. Or, air, as the case may be.

Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.

Not sure if I'm more jealous that she's made such a drastic change in her life, or if it's because she moved to London - probably both.

I have this small cartoon (that I should make into a magnet, really) on my computer monitor that has a chick daydreaming at her desk and the thought balloon says, "I wish something would happen to push me violently in the right direction."

I've always had a love-hate relationship with this cartoon, because while I absolutely hate the laziness of her inaction and her passiveness of waiting for change to happen to her, I do know it's hard to make that change. Mind you, I did find this cartoon after I fell into the subway 8 years ago this month. And I'm still here at this job, for all intents and purposes, doing the same thing I was doing when I walked into this office 12 years and 3 months ago.

How's that for not learning a lesson.

But, I've had almost week facedown in a pillow to think about it, and I'm slowly but surely committing myself to some sort of change. Whether it's change at work or change in my life, hopefully the back end of 2010 will see something happen.

And, with any luck, it'll finally be change for the good.

Oh, and hopefully it won't be as violent as that chick in the cartoon's wishin' for.

*crosses fingers*

Huh. Maybe the Universe didn't quite get that I meant change for
meeeeeee. Jealous, as another friend of mine is accepting a job offer in Singapore today. Wow. I need to get on the stick. Heh.

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Pooja said...

OMG I saw that cartoon years ago & have been looking for it ever since! Would you mind emailing me a copy? Pretty please?!?!?!

joy said...

Yep. I'll find it and scan it, and post a link online for it.

And thanks for bringing me back to this post just over a year later...let's just say I definitely got what I asked for!

joy said...

Annnnnd, here you go:

Let me know if you're able to pull it down ok. It's tiny!

Pooja said...

You're awesome!!! Thank you!!!